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Organisational chart

Directorate of Women & Child Development is headed by Director and is assisted by a Dy. Director (Administration), Dy. Director (Child Welfare), Dy. Director (Apna Ghar), 2 District Programme Officer (for North & South District) a Social Welfare Officer, a Probation Officer, a Assistant Accounts Officer. Superintendent for Protective Home, Merces a Superintendent-cum-Probation Officer for  Apna Ghar, Merces .12 Child Development Project Officers are heading all the Talukas Offices of Integrated Child Development Services, however, four post of CDPOs two post in  North & two post in  South District are vacant.

The Directorate also has 2 Statutory Bodies namely Goa State Commission for Women and Goa State Commission for Protection of Child Rights  each headed by a Chairperson Besides there is a Children’s Court too functions under the Directorate with a President (Judge) heading the same.

The total strength of the Department is 376 including the Officers

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