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Anganwadi Centers

Sanguem01 Near G.P.S., Netravali View On Map
Sanguem02 Near G.P.S., Salzini, Netravali View On Map
Sanguem03 Near G.P.S. Pvt. House Vichundrem, Netravali View On Map
Sanguem04 Near G.P.S., Private House, Verlem View On Map
Sanguem05 Near G.P.S., Private House, Nune View On Map
Sanguem06 Near Sattari Temple, Pvt. Bldg., Keri-Rivona View On Map
Sanguem07 Near Sanvordem Tisk, Sanvordem View On Map
Sanguem08 Near Health Centre, Pvt. Bldg., Kevona-Rivona View On Map
Sanguem09 Near Bus-Stand, Pvt. Bldg., Kondi-Rivona View On Map
Sanguem10 Near Shantadurga Temple, Pvt. Bldg., Colamb View On Map
Sanguem11 Near Padmanath Math, Sanvordem View On Map
Sanguem12 Near SaiBaba Temple, Sanvordem View On Map
Sanguem13 Near DattaMandir, Sanvordem View On Map
Sanguem14 Near Govt. Primary School, Sanvordem View On Map
Sanguem15 Govt. Primary School, Satarkarwada-Kurpem View On Map
Sanguem16 Near G.P.S., Private House, Valkini-Ugem View On Map
Sanguem17 Near G.P.S., Private House, Vadem No.1 View On Map
Sanguem18 Near G.P.S., Pvt. House, Dando View On Map
Sanguem19 Near Mahadev Temple, G.P.S. Bldg., Moll-Sacorda View On Map
Sanguem20 G.P.S. Bldg., Kumbarwada, Sacorda View On Map
Sanguem21 Near G.P.S., Pvt. House,Bottar-Sacorda View On Map
Sanguem22 G.P.S. Bldg., Navem-Sacorda View On Map
Sanguem23 Near G.P.S. Mineral Foundation Bldg, Udolshem-Sacorda View On Map
Sanguem24 V.P. Bldg., Panas-Sacorda View On Map
Sanguem25 Near V.P. Mollem, Mollem View On Map
Sanguem26 Near Gawaliwada, Mollem View On Map
Sanguem27 Near Primary School, Mollem View On Map
Sanguem28 Near Mahadev Temple, Shigao Collem View On Map
Sanguem29 Near V.P. Collem, Collem View On Map
Sanguem30 Near Police Station, Collem View On Map
Sanguem31 Near G.P.S., Mineral Foundation Bldg. Talsai View On Map
Sanguem32 Near G.P.S., Mineral Foundation Bldg. Pratapnagar View On Map
Sanguem33 Tamsodo near milk society, Dharbandora View On Map
Sanguem34 Near Govt. Primary School, Shigao-Collem View On Map
Sanguem35 Near Health Centre, Valkini. No.2 View On Map
Sanguem36 Near Bus-Stop, Villiana, Bhati View On Map
Sanguem37 Near Ganapati temple, Pvt. House, Ugem View On Map
Sanguem38 Near G.P.S. Private House Karmane, Ugem View On Map
Sanguem39 Near G.P.S. Private House Pansamol, Ugem View On Map
Sanguem40 G.P.S, Building, Damal-Ugem View On Map
Sanguem41 Near G.P.S. Private House,Cottarli-Ugem View On Map
Sanguem42 Near DattaMandir, Bazarwada, Sanguem View On Map
Sanguem43 Near V.P. Kalay, Sanguem View On Map
Sanguem44 Near Community Hall, Costi-Kalay View On Map
Sanguem45 Opp. V.P. Kirlapal, Dabal View On Map
Sanguem46 Near Kajunut Factory,Kirlapal, Dabal View On Map
Sanguem47 Near Govt. Primary School, Kalsai View On Map
Sanguem48 Near Govt. Primary School, Codli-Tisk View On Map
Sanguem49 Near Govt. Primary School, Morkani-Kirlapal View On Map
Sanguem50 Near Govt. Primary School, Kirlapal-Dabal View On Map
Sanguem51 Near Govt. Primary School,Dabal View On Map
Sanguem52 Near G.P.S. Private House, Bhati View On Map
Sanguem53 Near Govt. Primary School, Sanvordem View On Map
Sanguem54 Near V.P. Rivona Mineral Foundation Bldg. View On Map
Sanguem55 Govt. Primary School, Dharbandora View On Map
Sanguem56 Near G.P.S. Pvt. House,Vadem Col. No.2 View On Map
Sanguem57 Near Govt. Primary School, Sanvordem View On Map
Sanguem58 Near Govt. Primary School, Kirlapal-Dabal View On Map
Sanguem59 Near Govt. Primary School, Maulingue, Kalay View On Map
Sanguem60 G.P.S. Bldg. Shivdem View On Map
Sanguem61 Near Ganapati Temple, Kongare View On Map
Sanguem62 Near G.P.S. Private House Pokarmol-Kalay View On Map
Sanguem63 Near Damodhar Temple, Pvt. House, Zambaulim View On Map
Sanguem64 Near PlayGround, Vaili-Bandol View On Map
Sanguem65 Near Vishweshawar Laad High Sec. School, Pvt. House Bhumikanagar View On Map
Sanguem66 Near Govt Primary School, Vakikuina Shigao, Collem View On Map
Sanguem67 Near G.P.S. Private House Vorcotto-Sanguem View On Map
Sanguem68 Near G.P.S. Private House Morod-Dharbandora View On Map
Sanguem69 Govt. Primary School, Satpalwada, sacorda View On Map
Sanguem70 Near Krishna Temple, Baripwada, Collem View On Map
Sanguem71 Mineral foundation Building, Kamarkhand-Kirlapal View On Map
Sanguem72 Near Govt. Primary School, Haluli-Kirlapal View On Map
Sanguem73 Near G.P.S. Private HouseMugoli, Ugem View On Map
Sanguem74 Near Govt.Sec.School, Jake, Netravali View On Map
Sanguem75 Near G.P.S. Pvt. House Chimutwada View On Map
Sanguem76 Near G.P.S. Private House Kumari-Bhati View On Map
Sanguem77 Near Ganapati Temple, Pvt. House, Taripanto-Sanguem View On Map
Sanguem78 Near Sai Gas Agency, Kharikatto-Sanguem View On Map
Sanguem79 G.P.S. Building, Sanguem View On Map
Sanguem80 Near Dental Clinic Pvt. Bldg. Coto, Boilapar Sanguem View On Map
Sanguem81 Near Govt. Primary School, Mollem View On Map
Sanguem82 Near Bus-stand, Metawada, Collem View On Map
Sanguem83 Near Govt. Primary School, Sanvordem View On Map
Sanguem84 Private House, Sadgal-Kirlapal View On Map
Sanguem85 Near Govt. Primary School, Karmane-Kirlapal View On Map
Sanguem86 Near G.P.S, Private House, Voldev, Kalay View On Map
Sanguem87 Near RailwayStation, Souzamol,Collem View On Map
Sanguem88 Near Jalmi Temple, Pvt. House, Amdai, Sanguem View On Map
Sanguem89 Near G.P.S, Private House, Bandwada, Netravali View On Map
Sanguem90 Dhangarwada, Pvt. House, Gawaliwada-Vaddem View On Map
Sanguem91 Near Vithal Mandhir, Pvt. House, Sanguem View On Map

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