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Anganwadi Centers

Pernem01 Near Old Panchayat, Deulwada Korgaon View On Map
Pernem02 Near Panchayat, Ibrampur View On Map
Pernem03 Near Govt Primary School, Valpe, Pernem View On Map
Pernem04 Near Bhagwati Temple, Deulwada, Tuem View On Map
Pernem05 Near Sai baba temple, Dadachiwadi Dhargal View On Map
Pernem06 Near Govt Primary School, Sawantwada Mandrem View On Map
Pernem07 Near Govt Primary School, Kattewada Morjim View On Map
Pernem08 Near Dutta Temple, Naikwada Torxem View On Map
Pernem09 Near Village Panchayat Ozari View On Map
Pernem10 Near Shantadurga Temple, Warkhand View On Map
Pernem11 Nagzar, Pernem View On Map
Pernem12 Near Govt Primary School, Vithaladevi. View On Map
Pernem13 Tulaskarwadi View On Map
Pernem14 Near Bhumipurush Temple, Gaonkarwada, Tuem View On Map
Pernem15 Near Temple, Sangavwada Ozari View On Map
Pernem16 Near Govt Primary School, Kasarvarnem View On Map
Pernem17 Opp. Shantadurga Temple, Deulwada Ugve View On Map
Pernem18 Near Temple, Chandel, Pernem View On Map
Pernem19 Near Govt Primary School, Hassapur View On Map
Pernem20 Near Sports Club, Khutwal View On Map
Pernem21 Talarn Road, Talarn, Pernem View On Map
Pernem22 Near Vetal Temple, Halarna View On Map
Pernem23 Near Nandi Theatre, Pernem View On Map
Pernem24 Govt Primary School, Bhironda View On Map
Pernem25 Opposite Shetyewada Bus stop, Shetyewada Torxem View On Map
Pernem26 Govt Primary School, NH 17, Parabwada Torxem View On Map
Pernem27 Govt Primary School, Sacral Torxem View On Map
Pernem28 Govt Primary School, Virnoda View On Map
Pernem29 Opp Linga temple, Temwada, Chafewada Ugve View On Map
Pernem30 Behind Mauli Temple, Near Govt Primary School, Porascade View On Map
Pernem31 Near Ravalnath Temple, Deulwada, Arambol View On Map
Pernem32 Near Govt High School, Hankhane View On Map
Pernem33 Near General Stores, Thorlebag Keri View On Map
Pernem34 Under the bridge, Kiranpani, Palye View On Map
Pernem35 Near Govt Primary School, Gadacha wada Keri View On Map
Pernem36 Near Govt Primary School, Naikwada Palye View On Map
Pernem37 Near Govt Primary School, Konadi, Korgaon View On Map
Pernem38 Near Govt Primary School, Bhandarwada Palye View On Map
Pernem39 Near Govt Primary School, Bhaidwada Korgaon View On Map
Pernem40 Near Primary Health Centre, Pethechawada Korgaon View On Map
Pernem41 Near Bhagwati Temple, Deulwada Parcem View On Map
Pernem42 Near Govt Primary School, Bhatwadi, Korgaon View On Map
Pernem43 Near Govt Primary School, Dajigan Arambol View On Map
Pernem44 Near Sub Post Office, Agarwada, Chopdem View On Map
Pernem45 Near Shantadurga Temple, Warkhand View On Map
Pernem46 Before Govt Primary School, Khajne View On Map
Pernem47 Near Govt Primary School, Bhalkhajan Korgaon View On Map
Pernem48 Opp Chamundeshwar Temple, Chopdem View On Map
Pernem49 Near Govt Primary School, Madhlawada Parcem View On Map
Pernem50 Govt Primary School, Naibag View On Map
Pernem51 Near Govt Primary School, Chonsai, Parcem View On Map
Pernem52 Near Sakav, Chawdewada Parcem View On Map
Pernem53 Near Bhagwati Temple, Deulwada Mandrem View On Map
Pernem54 Near Govt Primary School,Junaswada, Mandrem View On Map
Pernem55 Near Shantadurga, Temple, Deulwada Dhargal View On Map
Pernem56 Govt primary School, Highway road, Dhargal View On Map
Pernem57 Near Govt Primary School, Naikwada Mandrem View On Map
Pernem58 Near Govt Primary Scool, Ashvem, Mandrem View On Map
Pernem59 Near Govt Primary School, Dandoswada Mandrem View On Map
Pernem60 Near Morjai Temple, Warchawada Morjim View On Map
Pernem61 Near Old Bank of Baroda, Pokewada Morjim View On Map
Pernem62 Near St Peter High School, Temwada Morjim View On Map
Pernem63 Near Govt Primary school, Mardiwada morjim View On Map
Pernem64 Near Govt Primary School, Gauthan Mopa View On Map
Pernem65 Near Govt Primary School, Kadshi Mopa View On Map
Pernem66 Near Railway Crossing, Valpem View On Map
Pernem67 Near Church, Vaidongar Parcem View On Map
Pernem68 Near Saibaba Temple, Tambose View On Map
Pernem69 Near Shantadurga Temple, Ozari View On Map
Pernem70 Opp Posro, near Govt Primary School, Chichula, Dhargal View On Map
Pernem71 Near Govt Primary School, Askawada Mandrem View On Map
Pernem72 Near Shishuvatika, Satoskarwada, Mandrem View On Map
Pernem73 Xemechi advan View On Map
Pernem74 Near Hanuman Mandap, Shirgal, Dhargal View On Map

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