Integrated Child Protection Scheme (ICPS)

This is a Centrally Sponsored Scheme it aims to create a protective environment for children by improving regulatory frameworks, strengthening structures and professional capacities at national, state and district levels so as to cover all child protection issues and provide child friendly services at all levels.

Approach: Directorate of Women& Child Development, Panaji-Goa.

Eligibility: Meant for Children in Conflict with Law as well as Children in Need of Care and Protection as defined under J.J. Act 2015, not limited to children from at risk families, migrant families, families in extreme poverty, children affected by HIV/AIDS, orphans, child drug abusers, child beggars, sexually exploited children, children of prisoners, street and working children, etc in urban and semi-urban areas..

Financial assistance: the Scheme provides for annual Grant in Aid (recurring and non-recurring) for maintenance of Child Care Institutions (including Children Homes, Specialised Adoption Agency, Observation Home, Special Home, Open Shelters, etc), in a sharing ratio of 60 (Central Share): 30 (State Share):10 (NGO Share)

The Scheme also provides financial assistance to set up Service Delivery Structures (such as District Child Protection Units, State Child Protection Society, State Adoption Resource Agency, etc), in a 60 (Central): 40 (State) sharing ratio. As well as Honorarium to Statutory Support Structures such as Child Welfare Committee and Juvenile Justice Board.